Patrol neck tube just in time for the ski season

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Will the neck tube save the ski season?
This winter the neck tube is the new protective mask. Because in the cold winter days it is an additional stress factor if you have to attach a mask behind your ears in addition to a cap, ski helmet or glasses. Winter sports enthusiasts can use neck tubes that can be put over the head and simply pulled over their mouth and nose as a protective mask. But these have to offer virus protection as prescribed by the respective authorities - which unfortunately many products do not.


The Patrol neck tube with exchangeable FFP2 filter system, developed in Switzerland, is the sustainable alternative to conventional masks or neck tubes: Due to the exchangeable FFP2 filters, it offers greater protection (> 95%) than conventional neck tubes that are currently available. The Patrol neck tube is TESTEX and Nelson Lab USA tested and complies with the recommendations of the Swiss Covid-19 Task Force.
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